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Twenty Five years ago a student gifted to the studio a full size sculpture of a BLUE LADY.  This travelled from the farm studio to the Woodend studio, and unfortunately crumbled to dust last year in the extremes of cold and heat.  I had been patching and supporting for some years - but like us all, she was impermanent.  We lost the sculpture - but keep the image.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME AT THE STUDIO (and zoom) by appointment..

We welcome everyone, from newcomers, beginners, and people have taken the alternative path through self expression SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION and healing for many years.     We will introduce you to all aspects of HERBS  and HEALING and BACH ESSENCES  available in our gardens, dowsing, pendulum, TINY TATTOOS, tarot .  Using what is to hand to produce ART..  All meditative, all spiritual, all ART.  We even have "Repair Cafe" Sessions...

I have a great love of making mending.  Reuse and recycle.  I mend clothes the Japanese way, the mends/darns, show as a "badge of honour". And ceramics the same using KITSUNGI, mending with gold, also a Japanese technique.  prices on application.  Every project is different.

We are all about working with the mind, the body and the spirit. 

For years I worked in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world - THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE OF NATURAL HISTORY in Washington. DC. (USA) the NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, THE STEINHARDT AQUARIUM, THE AUSTRALIAN NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM (Melbourne), and so on... even MOMA in New York (See the CV).  I have never stopped ...

Whatever your enthusiasm, join us.  Join us on a walk, on a cooking /fermenting class, drawing,   making or mending.  I would love to meet you