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Hello, my name is Jahne Hope-Williams.  I am the Director of The Australasian Yoga Institute, and have been doing yoga and taking every opportunity to develop my skills since I was a teeny tot. ART AND YOGA came first I think.  As a toddler I would do my asanas and meditation in a "free form interpretation", and pull the mattress from my bed to do my yoga and 'meditate.  Painting and drawing every day for as long as I can remember.  Then came the tarot and tea leaves, and then of course - THE PENDULUM. ...  following in the footsteps of my mum and her sisters, and so on as far back as I can know.  

I met my yoga "guru"  Margrit Segesman founder Director The Gita School of Yoga). Since that time I have taught and studied around the globe founding my school  YOGA FIRST in 1976  which became The Australasian Yoga Institute in 2003. 

My most favourite Sumii teacher was Andre Sollier.  Of course my work in Sumii was assisted by the wonderful grounding I received in SCIENTIFIC ILLUSTRATION.  I have worked at the Smithsonian Institute and theNational Geographic in Washington DC, The Steinhardt Aquarium in San Francisco and of course in our very own Victorian Natural History Museum when it was located in Russell Street in Melbourne.  


Scientific Illustration is about as close as you can get to hand-poked tattoo designs, and so it was an easy progression.  I used the machine for years, but was never at home with it and the hand-poke pen is just so familiar and easy.  

I have taught drawing and painting from my studio,  authored many Art and yoga books, CHAKRAS, YAMAS, HOW AND WHY YOGA WORKS and many more (refer to www.myyogabooks.etsy.com for the full list) ...also TAROT DECKS,TEA-CARDS, PENDULUMS, PENDULUM BOARDS AND PENDULUM CHARTS (which basically are another art form), and consulted in Tea Leaves and Tarot for many years, as my mother and her mother did before me.

Education and Certifications

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General Nursing Training 1970

Cert IV in Training and Assessment

Gita School of Yoga Intern/Teacher. Late 1960’s to 1980’s

Sivananda Yoga Teachers Certificate 1982/3

Classes with Bikram Choudary, Baron Baptiste. Brenda Birch. Etc. from the early 1970’s .


THE AUSTRALASIAN YOGA INSTITUTE – International Yoga Teacher training byDistance Education.Established 1976

Professional yoga teacher training courses by Distance Education and on-line.

Yoga teaching via public classes at The Bentinck.

Yoga Classes: Studio –The Bentink, 8 Carlisle St, Woodend

The GitaJaia Yoga Foundation Founded August, 2016. 

“INNISFREE Whole Health and Recovery (2010 to 2017)

Yoga Teacher Trainer, Chaplain, Meditation/philosophy teacher.

“YOGA FIRST” – From 1970’s in Melbourne Australia,

Visiting teacher : San Francisco, Dallas, New York, Death Valley, Bermuda, Connecticut.  Yearly project in Dallas, Death Valley and Bermuda teaching yoga and meditation to Private Clients.

Opening Speaker /yoga teacher at the 2007 International Renal Nurses Convention. ( Pranayama -yoga breathing/gentle yoga - with the 500 participants)

Certificate of Sports Coaching – Optimum Health Group.

Counselling and Advanced Counselling Diplomas - Health and Harmony Colleges.

Theology - Ormond College, Melbourne University/Reverend – ULC Seminary, (USA). Ordained 2002/ Hon. Doc . ULC Seminary, (USA) awarded August, 2016.

Area of study – Spiritual Development.

Oxford University (UK) School of Hindu Studies (Bhagavadgita), and

ongoing studies in yogic philosophy. 2014/5

ITEC - Anatomy, Physiology.


Scientific illustrator at The Smithsonian in Washington DC., The National Geographic, The Steinhardt Aquarium in SF. The Natural History Museum, Russell St. Melbourne. The Maritime Museum Perth W.A.

60 one person shows internationally since 1970

Tattooing with various teachers from the 1980's


AYI - Yoga Master.

IYTA – International Yoga Therapists Association (USA) – Founder Member

YOGA AUSTRALIA Accredited Yoga Courses. Member (level3)

*Health Fund Rebates available

IICT Approved Training Provider Platinum Level

Tarography Association UK.

American Tarot Association

AON Allied Insurances.  Nauru House, Melbourne. Vic.3000

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The cliche answer is "Changing the world one yogi at a time".

Zen knows only a vast life

which contains all kinds of contradictions

in deep harmony.

The night is in harmony with the day,

and life is in harmony with death,

and the earth is harmony with the sky.

The presence is in harmony with the absence.

This immense harmony,

this synchronicity.

is the essential manifestation of Zen.

This is the only way of life which respects

and loves

and denies nothing, condemns nothing.

OSHO: The Zen Manifesto