About My DOLLS

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

I have been making dolls for years and years.  Mostly big, sculptural dolls, suitable for the top of your grand piano.  At this time of my life it is my great joy to be filling my house with dolls -big ones, small ones, dolls from all parts of the galaxy, and dolls from a country garden.  I love them all.

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Our Story

You may want to have one of my dolls, and I would love you to.  I make each one myself and paint their faces.  Each doll I make allows me to make another, and to mend a teddy to give to people in need.  I can also teach you how to make teddy bears, so get a group together and make things with me.  

I only have one stockist - HELEN KELLY at Honies Handmade in Lancefield, Victoria.

We are both on Facebook.


From handmade "boudoir Dolls", to large sculptural dolls, or tiny vintage collectables.  We are expanding our family every day.  If you want to speak "doll" with me email any time, or you can go to "Honies Handmade" in Lancefield, and see them.  You could even wait for our occasional studio get-togethers.  Get onto our contact page and we will keep you up to date with what is happening in our doll family.