Botanical/Scientific Illustration Course...

Have you always wanted to draw things as you see them but never felt confident enough?

I will take you through the steps from A to Z, and at the end you will be drawing (and painting)  anything that you want to... in any medium you want to.  This is a WEEKLY studio class and/or A WEEKLY ZOOM CLASS.  You can enrol for one, the other, both, or a combo of each.  Plus within each month of training, you can contact me on zoom for advice if you get stuck.

Our next classes will focus on the skills needed to do tattoo flash - which is just as easily used for botanical or scientific illustrations.  They are interchangeable skills.

The photo to the right is a picture of the Christ as I imagined him - then one of my students told me to watch "Messiah" on Netflix, and there he was, so he has become a project.  More drawings being completed....  PLUS: Natural history, portraits, animals, flower petals...  I can draw what I want to - and you could too.

Email me personally if you are interested.