This was the first Pendulum Board I made for myself.  Having done that, my students wanted a copy, so I had them printed.  They are 40cm x 40cm, on 300gsm card type stock.  I use this under glass as the top of the table where I do my PENDULUM/TAROT readings.  But I also have a board I have framed on the wall.


The original is a multi media art piece with collage used from many sources, as well as my own artwork snipped and pasted.  I love making collage artworks.. but can't resist painting and drawing as well.


I met my Guide by using a pendulum Board (one of my angel Boards).... and speak to Him every day, a number of times a day.  You can do this too using this Board.


When you have your board, come to a free weekly ZOOM meeting and share your skills.

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